if you were noa, you would be a student philosopher living in beijing. you would write songs and make art. you would be so cool. you would enjoy fresh air and beautiful music. you would have strong opinions on interface design. but you are not noa, so what are you?


this site is in flux! if any page 404s for you please let me know and ill try and sort it out :)


the celeste design document, documenting the vapourware celeste computer stack.

before you join forces with a dwarf, did you read the terms and conditions? a tabletop game about writing up a legally binding document without the conveniences of a shared language.





Time-Oriented Undo: a novel way to implement undo without losing branches, or having to find a good interface to visualise branches. tldr: after undoing, flip the undo stack and re-add it to the stack, so the undos appear as editor actions themselves.

against the calendar thread: a fun discussion between a human and an alien about how we record time found its way to me, and i thought it unfairly dismissed a really beautiful part of history and culture.

food delivery app design for restaurants: an overview of the interface deficiencies in the deliveroo, ubereats, and just eat apps from the perspective of someone who made a living preparing delivery orders in a kebab shop.

tank lobsters: a short piece of grey prose i wrote under the influence. it has been described as divisive, haunting, brilliant, weird, and pretentious.

an atonement of nano: stop picking on nano it's like actually really kind of good


little dreamer one is a small album i wrote and recorded in a small number of days. it reflected a particular time of my life and for now i have taken it off the internet.

a translation of obadiah. much more thought-for-thought than word-for-word, because my grasp of ancient hebrew is lacking. also i put naughty words in it

i am a cow